Indoor paintball park in Riga - Underground

Indoor paintball park, Over 3000m2, Laser-tag, Unique space, spacious parking, In the centre of Riga, special paint balls for kids.

WHY Paintball park Underground?

Thats wright we – Paintball park Bušas – organise breath taking active leisure activities! We offer to play paintball games in Gustav Kuncendorf beer brewery basements.
During games we use smoke machine, to create more epic feeling during the game.

Games in underground are held only in winter time

3h paintball game

Each group reserves 3h in underground. All of the 3000m2 field is only yours and other groups are not served during this time. In these 3 hours you have time to play and have a little meal after game if its planed!


3000m2 , more than 9 rooms

Most of the rooms are connected to each other, tunnels, hallways, high sealing with arches, underground light and shadows.

Customised games and missions

One of main roles for instructor is to customise your games. Games depend on player experience, age and number of participants.

Combine entertainment with sport

Paintball is a super active entertainment, where without adrenaline you need to move around the field, run, hide and hit another player with your paint balls. In average game you can run up top 5 km distance. For a lot it can seem a big distance but while you are playing you don’t even notice how the time flies by and distance count up!

Paintball equipment

In our field we offer the best and most durable paintball equipment, which is made in USA and Europe. Equipment is regularly checked so the technical conditions is always on top level. Before every high season we buy new paintball masks with new protective glass, so you can clearly see your enemy and nothing will bother your vision. We always keep our equipment stock on top, so we can provide paintball games with all kinds of overall sizes so each player can enjoy paintball game to its 100 percent. We have more than 300 overalls so we can manage to wash them so each player can get fresh and clean game start. paintball

Safe and certificated equipment

Automated gaming system

Customised paint balls for each weather condition

New FT12 Paintball markers

Paintball equipment for up to 100 players

Paintball overalls in sizes from 140 - 220 cm

Non-volatile paintball safety mask glass

Adjusted shooting speed

Full package for your party

The course of the game

When you book a game in our underground field you automatically get 3h. In those 3 h included- instruction, dressing time, game time, rest time and undressing time. Instruction takes about 20 min together with dressing, an hour of game, 30 min for resting between the games and 1h for snacks and meal if planed. If you plan a meal after game then you can take it all with you – most important to take water with you because it will bee needed for sure!. Meal you can order from all around us because of our location it will not be difficult. On place we have a table and stools where to have this little meal and a changing room.

Our advantages

Its easy to find us (Matisa street 8) and easy to get to us – by car, by foot or public transport.
Paintball game in indoor field is different from outdoor field game, because of the rooms and the main goal is to first find and then only shoot your opponent.
Our field is big enough for game up to 40 persons at once. Its important to mention that we are located in basement and the temperature all year round is 10 – 12 C.
In Safety zone and dressing room we use some heaters, but rooms are so big that the heat goes away pretty fast. For players this temperature is grate but for those who are not playing and waiting in safety zone we recommend to dress warm.

Paintball starting kit in Riga- indoor field (price per person)

10 Euro (15 and more players)
12 Euro (10-14 players)
134 Euro (6-9 players)
20 Euro (2-5 players)

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