Recreation park “Bušas”

Paintball, camping and much more!

Paintball park “Bušas” is certified and safe paintball park with experienced instructors, who keeps track of games all the time to reduce accidents, introduces with safety rules and equipment use. You can participate in the paintball game from the age of 10. Players take their running shoes, tracksuit with them which to wear under our overalls and water, food for picnic after game.

Entertainment facilities


Paintball is grate way to actively relax together with your friends. Different paintball fields, automated gaming system and interesting missions. After game picnic, accommodation or even better – sauna and hot tub.


We offer four different holiday houses: Premium cottage (60m2), Grand cottage (60m2), Cottage (36m2) and Sauna house (55m2).

Bachelor party

Paintball game in bachelor party will be the best activity! We will dress the bachelor in special and funny costume, you will colour him with paintballs while he takes a nice slide from tower in our zip-line.

Kids party

Kids love to play paintball game, and its a grate activity in their birthdays! After active game they can have a picnic in our paintball fields picnic area and drain their energy in zip-line.

Bachelorette party

We are located near the sea, Riga city and of corse Saulkrasti centre! We will make your party complete with active recreation, accommodation, sauna and hot tub. We will offer you the best option for your party regardless of the number of participants.


We have more than 14 years of experience in organising events. We have organised big sports tournaments, championships and paintball relays. We can do it for your company too! Paintball game for big companies is grate way for team building!

Indoor paintball in Riga Underground

We offer breath taking games in our paintball tunnels in underground, you will have a loud of emotions after this game!

All Bonuses

Near sea

To the sea 2 km


For free

30 min. from Riga

Saulkrasti center 2.5 km

Public transport is available

Shower and WC

Comfortable and modern

Holiday cottages

4 different cottages



Picnic and possibility to order a meal

Sauna & Hot tub

2m in diameter, capacity up to 10 persons

Tent site

Book a paintball game in time and see you in field!

Our active recreation paintball park and camping is opened to our guests from 2008 and now is one of the largest paintball parks in Latvia. We offer tension and adrenaline full adventure in our four fields as for student, corporate and friend groups. Paintball park “Bušas” offer huge paintball fields filled with houses, obstacles, tunnels, towers, cars – for a perfect game!

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