Bachelor party with paintball

Bachelor quests

Meals and picnic areas


Trip with fisherman is sea


Opportunity to have fun

Paintball will be the best choice for bachelor party for that you can be 100% sure! We will dress the bachelor in one of our funny costumes, you will paint him while he will go down the zip-line. This will be grate adventure for bachelor party, instructor will lead you through games and missions and after adrenalin full games you can stay in our accommodation and relax in hot tub and sauna.
Through the time our paintball fields have grown from one to four different kind. One of them is made from real army charge cases. Thousands of these cases are put together to make interesting field for paintball games.
It’s also important to have a grate infrastructure around paintball field – canopy’s, toilets, showers, picnic areas so players after energetic game can relax and have a nice memories of being in Paintball park Bušas.

Specially designed paintball tasks for bachelors


Questionary about bride to be

One of our historically made tasks is questionary about bride to be. Before the bachelor party bride to be has to be interviewed and questions with their answers needs to be written down on paper. So when you arrive in paintball park you can give this sheet to your instructor and he will take from there. Questions doesn’t need to be very hard but the simple questions like , colour of hair or eyes, size of breasts and so on. These questions will be asked to bachelor during one of the missions and he will need to answer these questions. There will be shooting in both directions, but all the details instructor will tell you before everything will start!!

Revenge game

After questionary game, bachelor will for sure want revenge! Only bachelor gets two paintball markers other team mates need to get out of strict territory with less hits as possible! This game will rise adrenaline in players and bachelor will have the last shoot!!

Bachelor costume

For bachelor party we have all kind of different and funny costumes like Minion, moose, monkey and so on! Each bachelor group gets clean costume for its bachelor and chooses it before game. If there are many bachelor games in that day we will offer you which are clean and available!

Bachelor in Zip-line

We have special quest for bachelor 40 m ride from our zip-line!
This all is included in starter kit price!!!!

Paintball equipment

In our field we offer the best and most durable paintball equipment, which is made in USA and Europe. Equipment is regularly checked so the technical conditions is always on top level. Before every high season we buy new paintball masks with new protective glass, so you can clearly see your enemy and nothing will bother your vision. We always keep our equipment stock on top, so we can provide paintball games with all kinds of overall sizes so each player can enjoy paintball game to its 100 percent. We have more than 300 overalls so we can manage to wash them so each player can get fresh and clean game start. paintball

Safe and certificated equipment

Automated gaming system

Customised paint balls for each weather condition

New FT12 Paintball markers

Paintball equipment for up to 100 players

Paintball overalls in sizes from 140 - 220 cm

Non-volatile paintball safety mask glass

Adjusted shooting speed

Full set for event in one place


We offer four cottages with total capacity up to 30 persons. Costs depend on cottage size and capacity in verity from two to 12 persons in one cottage. You can choose the best type and quantity of the cottages based on your party conception. More details look up in Camping section.

Picnic areas

After paintball games we offer picnic areas with canopy's and grilling equipment for free. Each of canopy is different it depends how many persons you have in your group and how big table you need. If you plan to have picnic after game then please let us know when you book a game so we will book canopy for you too. We have one bigger picnic are by the paintball field where you can make picnic up to 100 persons.


Available is whet sauna and hot tub (capacity 10 persons). Sauna is made from aspen shingles, which makes air in sauna aromatic. Sauna house have nice size grate room where to spend time if its cooler outside but in summer time perfect will be located next to sauna house fireplace canopy.

Hot tub

The big Bušas Hot tub is 2m diameter and 1,2 m hight capacity is up to 10 persons ( it all depends on body sizes :). In summer season we can prepare the hot tube for your use in 6 hours, but when it's gens colder outside and especially in winter to get it ready can take up to 10 hours.
It seems a lot of time but the hot water do not cool down so fast because of the size and amount of water which needs to be heated up. In hot tub we always fill fresh water, its not used more then one time and no chemicals added. After each use we drain it, with high pressure and vacuum cleaners we make it spotless for next clients.

All Bonuses

Near sea

To the sea 2 km


For free

30 min. from Riga

Saulkrasti center 2.5 km

Public transport is available

Shower and WC

Comfortable and modern

Holiday cottages

4 different cottages



Picnic and possibility to order a meal

Sauna & Hot tub

2m in diameter, capacity up to 10 persons

Tent site

Bachelor SET for 10 persons!*

€ 390.00   

  • Paintball start kit for 10 persons and BOX with paint balls (each additional box only 40 Euro)
  • Accommodation in Grand cottage 60m2
  • Sauna and party in Sauna house 55m2
  • Special canopy where to party all night long
  • Camping territory
  • Special costume for bachelor
  • 40 m zip-line
  • Questionary
  • Grate instructor

    *Price changes if players are more or less than 10 persons

Paintball starting kit includes:

  • Paintball marker Ft12/ 98 c
  • Free air refill
  • Safety mask
  • Overall
  • Gloves
  • 100 paint balls
  • Instruction
  • Instructor
  • Opportunity to play up to 3h in all our fields
  • Canopy's after game
  • Shower (from may to September)
  • Wc
  • Grill and equipment for it

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