Bachelorette party

Camping – Catering – Hot tub – Sauna – Picnic area – Trip with fishermen at sea – Paintball – Bicycle rent – Sea 1,8 km – Saulkrasti centre 2,5 km

Party in cosy cottage!  Grate location near the sea!

We are located near the sea, shops, centre of Saulkrasti and Riga city. We provide active recreation, accommodation, sauna and hot tub. By us you will find grate components for your party – and it doesn’t matter how many you are.

Party’s can be different most of time they are based on how many persons you are and which are the main things which bachelorette loves. Most of bachelorette party’s have 6- 10 girls, based on interests of these girls or completely opposite- what they have never done as surprise for the bride. Most popular time of the year when bachelorette party’s are hold is in summer and in this case its very important to find grate location for accommodation. We offer cottages with 6-12 sleeping places, comfortable canopy’s and picnic areas. During your party you have all what needed to cook your own meal or order it from our business partners. In addition of accommodation you can book sauna house, hot tub and paintball game.

Our location will be grate place where to throw a bachelorette party, because of the attractions near us and our offer on place.

Most popular services for bachelorette party

Cosy accommodation

Most comfortable cottages for bachelorette party would be Grande or Premium cottage. These cottages are grate because of their sleeping space where it’s possible to sleep up to 12 persons in one house which decreases your expenses. If your party is much smaller then we haver in offer the small cottage with sleeping space up to 6 persons. All of the cottages are equipped with all what you would need for one night stay (kitchen, wc, shower, grilling zone, canopy, etc.).

Sauna house and hot tub

In addiotiton of accommodation its popular to use sauna and hot tub. Ladies love the grate hot tub, where you can sit in up to 10 persons. Hot tub is located near the pine trees on raised terrace, where you can enjoy champagne and look at the stars.

For adrenaline

For extreme surprise you can book paintball game which will take bride to be by surprise. During the paintball game it will be possible to take grate pictures which will remind of this adventure together with girls. Often in bachelorette party’s ladies dress up for paintball game so it’s more fun, and it’s possible to combine two games where the opposite team is bachelor party of brides to be future husband. For bachelorette party the same as for kids we offer extremely fragile paint balls. With these paint balls its much less possibility to get hurt and have bruises.

Cook yourself or order your meal

Picnic areas with grills and all equipment

In paintball field territory we have 6 available picnic areas, where to grill something tasty during or after paintball games. For free we offer canopy's with grill and all grilling equipment. We can provide with bigger and smaller grills depends on your party.

Nearest shop only 500m from Paintball territory

Near from our property is located small local shop, where you can buy all your hart desires. If bigger verity needed then 5 min drive away we have all the big markets - Rimi, Elvi and TOP.

Order your food

If you are not in mood to cook or shop, the you have ability to order big verity of food from our local cafes starting from snacks, pizzas, burgers etc. Delivery is for free if you are really hungry and have a grate order heading your way. All the expenses please find out calling the number - 28386518 - Ilze

Paintball equipment

In our field we offer the best and most durable paintball equipment, which is made in USA and Europe. Equipment is regularly checked so the technical conditions is always on top level. Before every high season we buy new paintball masks with new protective glass, so you can clearly see your enemy and nothing will bother your vision. We always keep our equipment stock on top, so we can provide paintball games with all kinds of overall sizes so each player can enjoy paintball game to its 100 percent. We have more than 300 overalls so we can manage to wash them so each player can get fresh and clean game start. paintball

Safe and certificated equipment

Automated gaming system

Customised paint balls for each weather condition

New FT12 Paintball markers

Paintball equipment for up to 100 players

Paintball overalls in sizes from 140 - 220 cm

Non-volatile paintball safety mask glass

Adjusted shooting speed

All Bonuses

Near sea

To the sea 2 km


For free

30 min. from Riga

Saulkrasti center 2.5 km

Public transport is available

Shower and WC

Comfortable and modern

Holiday cottages

4 different cottages



Picnic and possibility to order a meal

Sauna & Hot tub

2m in diameter, capacity up to 10 persons

Tent site

More offers from our business partners

Trip with a fishermen at sea


It’s possible for ladies to book a trip with fishermen at sea, in real fisherman settlement, where fishermen activity going on everyday. Maybe its sounds commercial, but settlement is located on the beach 30m from sea and buy the wood cabin where fish are smoked grow grapes and feeling is surreal.
You can book this adventure buy calling the fisherman Edgars – 29883000

Water torment rent


In Saulkrasti you can rent water torment, where you can ride by yourself or order water inflatable bladder. To book this adventure please call 29288437




In Saulkrasti we have a unique bicycle museum, where you can see some bicycles which have no other copy’s in the world. For your party you can rent bicycles and ride through Saulkrasti sea side city with wind in your hair.

Price for 8 persons*

€ 290.00   

  • Accommodation in one of our cottages

  • Sauna house with whet sauna

  • The grate hot tub

    *Price changes depending of amount of persons in party

Call 26785909 or fill out registration sheet!

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